Lazarus Jones, a young and impetuous rookie cop who has been transferred to the department of Detroit. On his first day on patrol, Lazarus with his partner Anna Steele, goes to investigate an alert signal received at the Institute Montsaye abandoned. Exploring the basement of the building, closed by a teacher massacre carried out against some students, Lazarus discovers a paranormal research laboratory where accidentally opens a sealed chamber and releases the ghosts that had contained therein.

After this, Anna who was also near there, is captured by one of them, William Hawksmoor, the powerful ghost of an English nobleman who seeks revenge for the murder of their king. While in the basement, a super computer instructs Lazarus in his new mission, capture the ghosts that have been released throughout the building. For this, the young policeman receives the Pulse Rifle and Granada, all their weaponry against hordes spectral.


- Lazarus Jones

- Anna Steele

- Peter Richmond

- Kate Heller

- Lord Hawksmoor

- Digital Richmond

- The "Rednecks"

- Lady DeMontford

Enemies Editar

- Revenant (Returnees)

- Blue Spook (blue spectrum)

- Crossbow Knight

- Caballero de la Maza

- Knight of the Sword

- Howler (Howler)

- Redneck Sniper

- Redneck Alligator

- Liquid Beast

- Oakville's Daughters

- Oakville's Sons

- Swamp Ghost

- Angel of Death

- Infantry Soldier

- Artillery Soldier

- Captain Kraken (The Beast)

- Scar Guard Devil

- Surgeon Scar Devil

- Frank Agglin (Guardian Electric)

- Hunters dead ghosts

Levels Editar

- Montsaye Institute

- Swamp

- School-New

- Boat (H.M.S Victoria)

-Prisión (The Devil Scar)

- Military Base