Is the spirit / ghost fuses with Lazarus's body and allows you to see ghosts as well as acquiring skills. .


When she was alive she worked with Professor Richmond in a research study about the paranormal in Arizona in the seventies / eighties, on behalf of the United States Army It was assumed that "astral traveler" should be. Unfortunately, during the experiment, Kate caught in her astral form and could not return to his body.

It is well known that the boss Flame Redneck amicably "Tinkerbell" (Bell), as the fairy from Peter Pan - and seeing her freed immediately Lazarus having been previously imprisoned by them, thinking it was an enemy. Lazarus called "Astral" because Digital Richmond called "astral form". Hawksmoor called "the chosen" because you think you can do it again. He has his body and knows, as seen in the intro movie, the teacher tried to pass him. Hawksmoor body craves to be reincarnated and so continues his pursuit.

In the form of Astral, Kate has several abilities: materialization (Revenant, red), enchantment (Howler, yellow), teleportation (Daughters of Oakville, green), scrolling (Poltergeist, Pink), possession (Prison Guards , orange). You can leave the body of Lazarus when he is in the center of the astral marks, light magic circles. Strangely, the skill icon Astral possession (in the menu habiliidades) has the appearance of a blue spectrum, although this capability is given by Prison guards Scar Devil.


Astral appears after the last film of another videogame SCE, Primal, Ghosthunter to announce he would be released within a few months. Appears in the movie with a creepy look with pink hair, short and spiky with a tattered robe, as in the first sketch of the character.