Lazarus Jones is the protagonist of the video game Ghosthunter developed by SCE.


He is 24 years old and belongs to a Detroit police unit specialized in assassinations. It is curious and impulsive and has never believed in ghosts. He loves to joke and can not stand her companion orders. It is fused with a girl ghost called "Astral". This union gives you the power to see ghosts. While talking holding gun in his hand and points it to the speaker or will direct. It has a blue car with registration LAZ 469 is parked in front of the school.


The name of Lazarus as the character of the Gospel, the endgame Lazarus dies and returns to life thanks to the resurrection machine. In the last level you can control the spirit of Lazarus shining a blue similar to Astral.

In the first sketches of the Lazarus character wearing a Hawaiian. In the first version 3D had another suit and a long face with a small mouth. Interestingly, when it becomes a ghost in the game has exactly the same face as the previous version. In the sketch by Jason Wilson, one of the designers of the game, said to draw Lazarus had been inspired by the actor Brad Pitt.