He is the main antagonist of the game.


Sir William Hawksmoor. It is the ghost of a medieval knight, has 536 years old, born in England in the twelfth century, very famous in his time. Anything that moves your actions is the desire to return to life, in the wake of a prophecy that tells of a "chosen" related to this. But it seems that this desire is rather to Parliament, two spirits with the voice of a man and a woman from the shadows controlled Hawksmoor. The gentleman thinks Kate Heller is seeking women and so, when there was "the accident of astral travel", entered the secret army base and convinced everyone to stay under his command, with the excuse that help them defeat any enemy in exchange for the body and spirit of Kate was his.

About his life that managed to become, thanks to his charisma, adviser to the king. This was a source of great envy of all who conspired to get rid of. He was killed by guards by King even ordered the death of his wife. Hawksmoor was seen in two ways by the people: for they loved him, he was "The Hawk", a brave crusader, but for his enemies was the "Black Hawk" a knight without mercy, loving carnage. When he speaks it is clear that is a very educated man, when in the theater of the New School, recites parts of Macbeth.

His powers are many: Strategies manages to control the people, both the living and the dead (as Anna and Frank Agglin), move objects with thought, is able to become invisible even to those who have the gift of seeing ghosts, and throw fireballs. He communicates with his subordinates and see what makes Lazarus through a mirror.


In the first sketches of the character was a monster with out internal organs and in a more recent drawing the appearance of a gentleman of the Renaissance but more like a medieval knight.