Peter Richmond expert ghost hunter and has extensive knowledge about them.


He is fifty years. We see it first in the opening movie. Early in the game it seems that his real name is Peter Brook and is the murderer of Montsaye Institute. Actually, it is a scientist who has escaped from the secret base where she worked investigating Hawksmoor the ghost who wants at all costs the spirit of Kate Heller.

He leads a double life life: professor at the Institute Montsaye and ghost hunter in his spare time to continue your research and find a way to bring back Kate alive. All this ends in the capture of a spirit under the control of Hawksmoor (Frank Agglin), to get his attention decides to kill 11 people at school. The battle ends in victory for Peter, who manages to catch the Granada and because police officers are investigating the murder, he is forced to abandon forever the laboratory, including the Matrix, with the spirit of Kate inside.

It is located on the island of Scar Diablo, right where he had caught Frank Lazarus Agglin and helps him out of there. At first it seems an ally, but in the last level, which is really all he wants is to have nothing to do with Hawksmoor. To try to get away from everything, binds his enemy in order to disappear. Therefore, when you see Hawksmoor, let Lazarus at his mercy. Trying to escape, thanks to his digital alter ego who comes to meet him in the form of a large robot. In fact, when Lazarus appears as a ghost, he is seen in a room of the research base where he had fled, he can not hear what they say, but the movements that suggest he's starting to regret having led to the death of Lazarus. In the end, he sacrifices himself by activating the powerful Zero Bomb that detonates the base and destroy all the ghosts that are in the area.

Lazarus escapes leaving Richmond activating the Zero Bomb implying that the dies and Hawksmoor is definitely destroyed.