They are a poor family but something independent living on a boat and become house is located in the Swamp. The form: The King, Junior and Billy Boy plus a (possibly daughter of The King and sister of Junior and Billy Boy) little girl.


These four Oakville residents are enemies of Lady DeMontford which has kidnapped his daughter. Richmond's rescue but was kidnapped again when Lazarus emptied the Matrix. When this comes to Oakville is immediately mistaken for an intruder and attacked by them, dressed up as ghosts, something they learned from Richmond. When Lazarus enters its territory, confiscating arms and badge, because they do not store much sympathy with the police, and he was locked in a cell after Junior unconscious leave clear. He was released by the Astral immediately recognized by the three men, because I helped in the past. So realize that Lazarus has something to do with Richmond and let you free if you promise to help defeating DeMontford once and for all. At the end of the story, Lazarus Junior avenges giving a punch that leaves him on the floor.

The head of the family of the Redneck is an old man dressed as a cowboy children called "Pa". Junior is tall, fat and lazy, and his ghost has the appearance of a man with the head of a crocodile armed with a chainsaw. Billy Boy is a somewhat malicious guy and makes fun of his brother for his size, sniper ghost version is covered with a cloth, with two eye holes and two bull horns plus a face like layer skin from the same animal.